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International Shipping to Germany

International shipping to Germany may normally seem simple enough to use the services of a cost effective international shipping company. But international shipping to Germany involves experts like the USA International shipping who have valuable experience in shipping to European countries, understands procedures that comply with European regulation and has experience serving customers worldwide. At USA International shipping, we are an integrated service provider of shipping solutions with in-depth knowledge of the European geography for efficient shipping, the flexibility to adapt your needs without compromising on the defined regulations by the German authorities.


The team at USA International Shipping has sound experience and knowledge in executing international shipping to Germany and other European countries, through a diverse transport network, depending on the mode that is convenient to you. The team is well braced to settle adaptability issues arising from international shipping to Germany, the schedules for shipment, regulations, handling officials, customs, documentation etc. It is critical that you are supported with professionals who understand the value of personal touch that drives these geographies. All these are undertaken within your stipulated budget.


On an average, shipping auto consignments to Germany generally takes 3 - 4 weeks either in individual or partial containers. On importing restrictions, none apply as taxes and duties are equally levied irrespective of the age of the automobile. Import duty in Germany is 10% of the purchase price, freight insurance and freight cost to the exact location in Germany. A 15% VAT applies on the purchase cost, freight cost and import duty. Classic and vintage cars are charged 7% depending on the car model etc. With vehicles manufactured in the US, it is featured under the Export control list, but does not attract any requirement for an authorization for importing auto consignments to Germany. Once the automobile is registered in Germany, then you are required to pay a special motor vehicle tax.


Once the auto consignment is ready for shipping to Germany, we at USA International Shipping will require one set of keys of the auto consignment, trunk, ignition, gas cap etc, for us to take delivery of the same. Duplicate keys are recommended in this regard. Consignment ownership, authorization, title and registration are necessary in copies and original pass the consignment through the varied ports.


We recommend you take some steps to prepare your consignment before its international shipping to Germany. We advise you to disconnect the alarms, ensure the vehicle is in working condition, complies with the required ground clearance and leave the fuel tank one quater empty. Vehicles with low ground clearance may use alternative international shipping, which we can recommend. Fuel tank clearance is required as consignments with propane tanks require special handling. Further you are recommended to avail a marine shipping insurance, as a mandate for vehicles shipped to Germany.


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